About me. Family, architectural, fine art photographer Lena Melnikova in Moscow

About me

Since childhood, I have not parted with the camera, at school they even called me Schreibikus (there was such a character with a bag and a camera over his shoulder from a German textbook). photos or just memorable photos. Everything around attracted my attention: I loved to look at the faces of strangers in buses, subways, trains, clouds and the pictures that formed from them, the colors of nature with intricate overflows and picturesque landscapes, houses and streets of cities with amazing detail architectural elements and saturated with the life of people with their way of life and surroundings. It was interesting for me to develop the film and then print the photo in the bathroom under a red light (thanks to my brother Sergey, with whom we did this) And now this is digital magic!

When choosing a profession, I was guided by my hobbies, so the Moscow Architectural Institute was successfully completed not by chance. While working as an architect, I continued to draw and photograph as a hobby. Today it has taken on a more serious direction. Passionate about FINE ART. I began to collaborate with magazines. The amazing world of photography! I plunged headlong into it and I like it! 

I own the “time machine” tool!

What am I photographing ?

studio photography

interior photography

architectural photography

staged photography

children photography

men photography

 very adult photography

animal photography




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